Monday, September 12, 2011

Pretty Color Palettes from Ugly Photos

Suuuure, anyone can take a gorgeous photos and pull some colors out of it. But what about a snapshot of your goofy looking dog, or a picture of a nasty bathroom floor?

Challenge accepted.

(photo- husband's old Turken, David Lynch!)

This seems like a bit of a spring palette. For when you want that "I'm a naked-necked freak of nature poking around the lawn" look. You know, like, in spring.

(photo credit: Veronica ML, used under Creative Commons license)

Now, this is a bit of a feminine look, but the various shades of gray make it sophisticated. Good for a girly, but grown up, boudoir. Or a slobbering, bug-eyed dog. Your choice.
* Bonus! This dog might fit in your purse, if you get kind of a big one! *

(photo credit: SharonaGott, used under Creative Commons license)

It is always disturbing when you realize how much of your wardrobe (and yarn stash) is made up of the colors in a bruise. (No? Just me? Damn.)

(photo credit: atravellingmom, used under Creative Commons license)

Mmm, those warm, inviting, tungsten-in-a-gold-bathroom tones.

(photo credit: Megan Ann, used under Creative Commons license)

I own a shirt in every one of those foul-concert-venue-bathroom colors.

(photo credit: Yortw, used under Creative Commons license)

Everyone knows that teddy bears are TOTAL shopaholics. Also, colorblind. Luckily we get some leeway if we ignore the red and green on the mug. The real question is, what the fuck are those tags supposed to say? There appears to be a 99-cents on there, but everything else is just a scribble.

TEH BEAUTYZ! IT IS IN EVERYTHING! Or... just because you bought good ingredients doesn't mean you can make a decent meal.


  1. I think I have a thing for "bruise" colored yarn as well. It reminds me of Rios in Zarzamora:


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